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8 Dec

How to Get Cheap Flights to Nigeria

Africa is a popular destination for many people who wish to go on an exotic vacation. The big outdoors with the remarkable wildlife and thrilling safaris are big attractions. So too is the attraction for people of African origin to check out the continent of their ancestors. Whatever the reason for your travel to Africa; cheap flights to Nigeria can be a great starting point for an exciting journey ahead.

Why Choose Cheap Flights to Nigeria?

Nigeria’s economy is one of the fastest growing in Africa. Compared to the rest of the continent, its population is well travelled and well educated. Its capital, Lagos, has various tourist attractions, not least the Black Heritage Museum, situated in nearby Badagry, which is a repository of Middle Passage documentation and artifacts.

Where to Book Cheap Flights to Nigeria

Setting up a travel itinerary with a travel agent may cut overall costs of your trip to make cheap flights to Nigeria and elsewhere, a more attractive possibility. Accommodation costs may also come down considerably if booked with the agent. Travelling as part of a package will also provide you with tips and advice on the best places to visit, and the places it would be better to avoid.

Unfortunately, the continent of Africa is so massive that even cheap flights from Nigeria across the vast landmass to various other cities can be almost as expensive as the transatlantic flights themselves! Again, setting up a travel itinerary with a booking agent before you commit to making a trip from Nigeria to elsewhere on the continent is an ideal opportunity to cut down costs. Travel agents work on commission, but they also get good deals from airlines and other partners, and they’re eager for your business. So explore all of your options before booking your trip, whether it is for a short stay at a safari lodge or a longer trip back home to the land of your ancestors.

Cheap flights to Nigeria after a Brief Trip to Europe?

Typically, it is often quite difficult to source cheap flights to Nigeria as it is too far distant to make it worth the costs of many of the no frills, low cost airliners to set up flights and sell tickets. However, if you have got your heart set on travelling to Nigeria, one of the best ways of doing this is by going via Europe. A flight from Madrid to Lagos, for example, may cost half of what a ticket from New York to Lagos would be. Take time to enjoy the sights and nightlife of the Mediterranean, for example, before taking a relatively cheap flight onwards to Nigeria.

Flights from Europe to Nigeria are a little cheaper. A trip to Dublin, London or to Madrid, provided you get a good deal, could be used as a stopover before flying out to Lagos, Nigeria’s capital. A short stay in culture rich Europe might be just as cost effective as a direct flight to Nigeria.

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