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10 Dec

Cultural Walking

Hello! Here is T. from Front Department happy01

Today I would like to talk about traditional culture fuji

Probably you already know about Amaterasu – ōmikami, the Goddess of Sun and the ancestor of the Imperial family, as well as her most famous shrine, located in Ise. But did you know that at the beginning that temple and the deity herself weren’t particularly renowned?
The prestigious of the shrine greatly changed from being a place of worship of the Imperial Family only to becoming “The” Shinto shrine of Japan as a whole. Especially when the belief in Amaterasu, regarded as the Supreme God of Shinto, became popular among ordinary people, other small shrines devoted to this divinity began to be distributed extensively all over Japan under the name of Shinmei 「神明」.

It is assumed that there are approximatively 5000 Shinmei Shrine (Shinmeisha 神明社 in Japanese) all over the country.

One of those is even here, close to the hotel! hotel 





From the hotel, it takes just 16 minutes walking.

What’s better than a nice walking into nature, breathe fresh autumnal air and learn something new about history? 
If you like nature and traditional culture, I suggest you take a walk and enjoy the area.
It will refresh your body and your mind shineconfident






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